Unveiling the Mysterious PinkPantheress: 10 Fun Facts

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PinkPantheress is the stage name of Vicky Beverly Walker, a British singer-songwriter, and record producer born on April 18, 2001. She rose to fame on TikTok in 2021, thanks to her catchy songs, which have been used by popular TikTok creators like Lizzo, Charli D’Amelio, and Bella Poarch. While PinkPantheress’s music style is varied, with elements of drum and bass, alt-pop, 2-step garage, and bedroom pop, her personal life is shrouded in mystery. In this article, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about PinkPantheress, from her musical career to her personal life.

Fun Facts About PinkPantheress

  • PinkPantheress‘ real name is Vicky Beverly Walker.
  • She was born on April 18th, 2001, in Bath, Somerset, England, making her 22 years old in 2023.
  • PinkPantheress’ mother is Kenyan and her father is English. The family moved to Kent, in the South East of England, when PinkPantheress was young.
  • She first learned to play the piano when she was just six years old.
  • PinkPantheress’ music is characterized by short, addictive songs that feature samples from music of the 1990s and 2000s. She incorporates elements of genres such as bedroom pop, drum and bass, alt-pop, and 2-step garage into her music.
  • She is very private and mysterious. Despite her sudden rise to fame, she has not shared much about her personal life or background.
  • PinkPantheress has collaborated with a number of artists, including Jacob Collier and Disclosure.

  • She released her debut EP, To Hell With It, in September 2021. The EP features five tracks, including her hit song “Just For Me.”
  • PinkPantheress’ music has been used in TikTok videos by popular users such as Lizzo, Charli D’Amelio, and Bella Poarch.
  • Despite her success, PinkPantheress remains humble and grateful for her fans’ support. She has expressed her appreciation for her fans on social media and in interviews.

Musical Career

PinkPantheress’s music career started in 2020 when she began uploading her music to SoundCloud.

She caught the attention of people on TikTok in early 2021 when she uploaded her song “Just For Me,” which quickly went viral on the app.

Since then, she has released several other songs that have become popular on TikTok, including “Break It Off,” “Pain,” and “Passion.” She has also collaborated with other artists, including Shygirl and A.G. Cook.

PinkPantheress’s music is characterized by its short length and the use of samples of music from the 1990s and 2000s.

Her music style is a blend of different genres, including drum and bass, alt-pop, 2-step garage, and bedroom pop.

She has also been praised for her songwriting and vocals, with many people describing her as a rising star in the music industry.

Personal Life

PinkPantheress is known for being mysterious, and little is known about her personal life.

She was born in Bath, England, and is believed to have started making music while she was still in school.

Her real name is Vicky Beverly Walker, but she has not revealed much about her background or upbringing.

Despite her elusive persona, PinkPantheress has been open about her struggles with mental health.

In an interview with NME, she talked about how her music helps her cope with her anxiety and depression.

She has also spoken out about the importance of mental health and self-care on her social media platforms.


Q: Who is PinkPantheress?
A: PinkPantheress is an English singer-songwriter and record producer, whose real name is Vicky Beverly Walker.

Q: What genres does PinkPantheress’ music span?
A: PinkPantheress’ songs span a number of genres, including bedroom pop, drum and bass, alt-pop, and 2-step garage.

Q: What is PinkPantheress’ age?
A: PinkPantheress was born on April 18, 2001, which would make her 21 years old as of 2022.

Q: Why does PinkPantheress mask her face?
A: PinkPantheress spent a year masking her face, much like Sia and other artists, for personal reasons.

In an interview with Billboard, she mentioned that it was partly because she wanted to maintain her privacy and partly because she wanted people to focus on her music rather than her appearance.

Q: Who are PinkPantheress’ influences?
A: PinkPantheress has mentioned that she is a fan of artists such as Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, and Tyler, The Creator.

She has also mentioned being influenced by music from the 1990s and 2000s, and by photographers such as Gregory Crewsdon and David LaChapelle.

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