Facts About Lemurs

Lemurs are fascinating creatures that are native to Madagascar. With over 100 different species of lemurs, there are plenty of interesting facts to learn about these primates.

Here are 22 facts about lemurs that will make you want to learn more:

  1. Lemurs are primates, which means they are related to monkeys, apes, and humans.

  2. Lemurs are only found on the island of Madagascar.

  3. The word lemur comes from the Latin word lemures, which means ghosts or spirits.

  4. Lemurs are very social animals and live in groups called troops.

  5. The smallest lemur species is the pygmy mouse lemur, which is about the size of a mouse.

  6. The largest lemur species is the indri, which can grow up to 2.5 feet tall.

  7. Lemurs have long, furry tails that help them balance when they jump from tree to tree.

  8. Lemurs have specialized teeth that help them eat a variety of foods, including fruit, leaves, and insects.

  9. Some lemur species have a toothcomb, which is a row of teeth that they use to groom their fur.

  10. Lemurs have excellent hearing and use a variety of vocalizations to communicate with each other.

  11. Lemurs are active during the day and sleep at night.

  12. Lemurs are known for their distinctive calls, which can be heard from far away.

  13. The ring-tailed lemur is one of the most well-known lemur species, thanks to its distinctive black and white ringed tail.

  14. The aye-aye is one of the most unique lemur species, with its long, thin fingers that it uses to catch insects.

  15. Lemurs are threatened by habitat loss and hunting, and many species are endangered.

  16. Lemurs play an important role in Madagascar’s ecosystem by dispersing seeds and pollinating plants.

  17. The lemur is the national symbol of Madagascar.

  18. The lifespan of a lemur varies depending on the species, but some can live up to 30 years.

  19. Most lemurs give birth to one or two offspring at a time.

  20. Lemurs have been around for millions of years and are considered some of the oldest primates on Earth.

  21. Lemurs are not found anywhere else in the world except for Madagascar.

  22. There are over 100 different species of lemurs, ranging from the tiny mouse lemur to the large indri.


What do lemurs eat?

Lemurs are omnivores and eat a variety of foods, including fruit, leaves, flowers, insects, and small animals.

Are lemurs endangered?

Yes, many lemur species are endangered due to habitat loss and hunting.

Can lemurs swim?

Most lemurs are not good swimmers and avoid water.

Do lemurs make good pets?

No, lemurs are wild animals and should not be kept as pets.

What is the biggest threat to lemurs?

Habitat loss is the biggest threat to lemurs, as Madagascar’s forests are being destroyed for agriculture and logging.

How many species of lemurs are there?

There are over 100 different species of lemurs.

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